Brand Introduction

In 2019, Henan Eastman Protection Technology Co., Ltd. introduced WORKLEADER, a fresh and innovative workwear brand, signaling our shift from traditional OEM production to establishing a distinctive brand.


Leveraging extensive experience in garment manufacturing, we have meticulously crafted a comprehensive supply chain that grants us complete oversight over every stage, from sourcing premium raw materials to delivering exceptional finished garments. This end-to-end control guarantees unparalleled quality and empowers us to meet the ever-changing needs of workers across diverse industries.


We aspire to earn the trust of various workers, positioning WORKLEADER as their preferred and go-to choice for workwear. Our ultimate objective is to emerge as the foremost provider of safety solutions, acting as a vigilant guardian that safeguards workers in their respective work environments. While we recognize the challenges lay ahead, we are resolute in our determination to forge ahead and unwavering in our commitment to excellence.